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State and National Elections does NOT cover State or National elections, and never will. This site is for local elections only. However, the site will try and keep people informed of issues relating to how the Town goes about voting and to that end:

The the November election will be held at


Town Elections will still be held at Mastricola Upper Elementary School.

General Notices
--- 4/12/12 - School District write-ins Added

The write in names will be contacted by mail and may decline or take the oath.

For the Town:

There was a 5-way tie with write-in for the remaining seat for Ethics Committee

Dave McCray, Lon Woods, Tom Mahon, Kevin Shea, and Paul Compton

The winner will be drawn via lottery - if they chose not to serve or are ineligible then the seat will be declared vacant and filled thru normal vacancy process.

That lottery will be held Tuesday April 17th at 11:00 AM in the Town Manager's conference room.

--- 4/10/12 - Results posted

Polling Place Change

Please view this short video on the closing of the nothern most polling location.

If you voted 'up north', you now need to vote at the Upper Elementary School.

!!! Election Results !!!!

See each election to view the results!

Thanks to all those people who made the effort to vote and those who put their name in for offices.

Welcome the place to find information relating to the elections throughout the Town.

If you are new to the Town, or if you are just getting involved in the election process, the
Voter Information page will provide you with background and details on how to get started.

Election Day Info
With the help of the Town and School Moderators, and the Town Clerk, I have created an Election Day document. I expect it to be of more help to new residents, however, it does give some details of the process that I have learned while serving as an assistant moderator.
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